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Tokyo Towers

Nissin World Delicatessen tokyo tower liquor store tokyo azabu

Tokyo Tower from inside Nissin World Delicatessen

When we wanted to give a gift “from Oregon” when we were in Japan we would head over to the International Supermarket in Azabu known as Nissin World Delicatessen (address: 東京都港区東麻布2丁目34−2). The selection was good, but the prices were crazy. If I remember correctly, a bottle of Rogue beer that could be purchased at my local supermarket in Ashland for well under $2 would cost four or five times as much in Tokyo. But the very fact that something from Rogue Ales could be purchased in Tokyo was pretty cool.

From the third floor in Nissin World Delicatessen (日進ワールドデリカテッセン) you can see Tokyo Tower out the window.

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