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Bus ride out of the fjord

Fjord Bergen

If you do the Norway in a Nutshell journey, don’t think that the bus ride between Gudvangen and Voss will be a good time to take a nap because there won’t be much to see. The views are as good from the bus (see above) as they are from the train, boat, and Flåm Railway.

2 Responses to “Bus ride out of the fjord”

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    Norway in a Nutshell? That sounds interesting! Is that a special itinerary?

  2. 2

    Norway in a Nutshell is a scenic train ride from Oslo to Myrdal. From Myrdal to the fjord in Flam you ride the Flam Railway Two hours on a boat through several fjords later you find yourself on a bus (pictured above) to Voss. From Voss you ride the Bergen Railway into Bergen.