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Between the madness


Day one of the 2015 Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament was cloudy and/or foggy 99% of the time. Day two started out like this before some extreme wind and cloudiness hit. With about 120 courts and 1,500 participants, and growing every year, this tournament sets the record for the world’s largest sand volleyball tournament each year.

Unfortunately, the organizers are still doing most things the same way they have for years–manually. The brackets need to be automated and put online. As things stand, people have to do way too much walking to get to the boards to check for updates. In addition, courts sit empty while teams wait to play. In two days (from early morning until near dark), my daughter played a mere 4 sets. That’s right–sets, not matches. She gets more playing in a 5-set match at home (which can be accomplished in less than a couple hours) than she got in an entire two-day span.

That said, the non-junior divisions seemed to get more playing time. Teams not in the junior divisions typically got in about 10 sets over the two days.

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