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Denmark crushes Russia to make final 16

uefa festival copenhagen denmark euro 2020

UEFA Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Today’s photo is from a week ago. I was riding home on my bike and noticed significant activity in the aforementioned area (Ofelia Plads) of Copenhagen. I investigated and found out that soccer was happening every night at this location for UEFA EURO 2020 (in 2021), even if Denmark wasn’t playing. Entrance to the event was free for those vaccinated or who had tested negative for Covid-19 in the past 24 hours. (Testing is everywhere and free in Denmark so businesses are open much more than in other countries. Many businesses require their employees, who haven’t been vaccinated, to be tested multiple times a week.)

Anyway, I didn’t stick around for the match as it was getting chilly and I was in shorts and a t-shirt when I really needed pants and three layers. That was the last time I was somewhat cold as it has been very hot ever since.

If you haven’t heard, Denmark pulled off an amazing victory over Russia 4-1 last night (in Copenhagen) that landed them in the final 16 teams even though they went just 1-2 in their group. A heart attack by their best player, in their first game, coupled with this victory has the sports world talking about this Cinderella story that is Denmark in UEFA EURO 2020.

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