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Wing Foiling Amager

amager copenhagen wing foiling-denoise

Wing Foil in Kastrup Strandpark

Today is King Diamond’s birthday, and I was supposed to be seeing him (in Mercyful Fate) in a few days at Copenhell. However, Copenhell isn’t happening this year, and I don’t even have any photos of King Diamond on the laptop I brought to Copenhagen with me yesterday so there will be no Metal Monday featuring the King today. It’s sort of cool being in his birthplace on his birthday though.

Anyway, today’s photo is of a different topic–traveling solo. Some people give me a weird look when I tell them I enjoy traveling solo. They think I would get lonely or something I suppose. I actually meet more people traveling solo than when I’m with someone as people are far more approachable when they are by themselves.

I went for a bike ride this morning along Amager Strand (for the first time in 13 years) and stopped to take photos of the wing foilers. This guy comes right up to me and starts speaking Danish. I can’t understand much Danish so we switched to English. We enjoyed a pleasant conversation about mountain biking, his trip to Oregon, and how wing foiling is really taking off as a hobby.

You may be thinking, “what’s the point of these small interactions with strangers who you’ll never see again?” For starters, they are enjoyable in and of themselves. But sometimes they end up turning into real connections. For instance, someone I met at the 2019 Roskilde Festival, and haven’t seen since, invited me to play on their quiz team tonight at a bar in Copenhagen. Should be fun.

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