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Concerts - Landscapes - Sports is a scam

You don’t want to order from as they will take your money and provide nothing in return. After ordering you will get something like this from them:

“ wrote:
Here’s the Zelle info for payment.

Name: Joshua Poole”

Possibly this guy.

Their website looks somewhat legit, but that’s only because they have copied a bunch of information from similar, legit sites like and in Canada. The weird stuff is that there is an Oregon address, as well as a UK one, and a phone number from North Carolina.

The fact that you can only pay with bitcoin or Zelle is a big red flag as you won’t be able to get your money back (unlike a credit card).

Mario’s Microdose Magic Mushroom Capsules and all of the other product they are pretending to sell is Canadian product that isn’t shipped to the USA or anywhere else outside of Canada. So beware of as they are a scam. The website coding was stolen and modified from the Canadian site. You can see many traces of the Canada stuff still if you look at the source of the HTML. The Florida, Oregon, New Jersey, and Texas stuff was added to make a bit different, and to increase the ranking in the search engines. Shrooms aren’t legally sold in those states yet though. The 2672 Skinner Hollow Road, Chiloquin Oregon address is the same as it is for this scam from 2019.

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