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Naejangsan (내장산)

baekyangsa naejangsan national park pond pavilion

Baekyangsa (고불총림 백양사) in Naejangsan National Park (내장산국립공원)

Today’s photo is of the aforementioned “classic” shot of the entrance to the Baekyangsa Temple.

Baegamsan Mountain (백암산) from nearby pavilion

baekyangsa naejangsan national park baegyangsa

Baekyangsa Temple (백양사)

Approaching the entry to the Baekyangsa Temple (sometimes spelled Baegyangsa Temple) there is a pavilion on the edge of a body of water. The pavilion with the water in the foreground and mountain in the background is the “classic” shot of this area, especially during autumn when all of the Japanese maple leaves are changing color. Today’s photo is from inside the pavilion itself, looking up to the mountain.