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Nighttime sakura in a fierce wind

kandagawa japan night photography chisanzo

The hanami parties officially started on the Kanda River on April 1 (and run through April 10). That evening included very warm temperatures and a very strong wind. The “shake” in the above picture wasn’t from my hand; the cause was the wind through the trees.

The building in the background is the Four Seasons Hotel at Chinzanso.

Kanda River (神田川) – Then and Now

Kanda River 神田川 ukiyo-e

Things have changed since Hiroshige created the above scene (“Basho’s Hermitage and Camellia Hill on the Kanda Aqueduct at Sekiguchi, No. 40” (せき口上水端はせを庵椿やま) in “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo” (名所江戸百景)). I haven’t taken any photos of the Kanda River yet, as it is anything but beautiful these days. However, I will in spring when the cherry blossoms are out.

Basho’s hermitage (Bashodo or 芭蕉堂) is still here, but it isn’t easy to find (especially if you can’t read Japanese), and you have to go through a closed gate to enter the grounds.

This area along the river is still a great spot for a walk though. I take one or two here a week, and Linda takes one almost every day past Chinzanso. Our apartment would be in the distance on the left side of this ukiyo-e where the trees are, although at that time our apartment’s exact location was part of takadanobaba which Hiroshige also included in his “100 Famous Views of Edo.”

A few weeks back I witnessed a man throw a hefty bag of garbage into this water way. What a shame. From the looks of the current state of the water, he isn’t alone.

kanda river walking path tokyo japan

The above is the current path along the river, complete with elevated expressway on the other side and guard rail (the river is some 30 feet below).

Four Seasons Hotel in Fall (actually early December)

four seasons hotel tokyo japan pagoda chinzanso fall japanese maple leaves

When I last showed you the grounds of the Four Seasons Hotel (Chinzan-So), it was summer. Now, the fall foliage is making a statement.

shinto shrine four seasons hotel tokyo japan koyo autumn fall colors foliage

Grounds of the Four Seasons Hotel @ Chinzanso 椿山荘

椿山荘 pagoda chinzanso tokyo japan

While on a walk, just to the northeast of our apartment along the Kanda River (神田川), we came upon an open gate with nice looking grounds inside. We went in and strolled around, only later finding out that this property is part of the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo.

The above photo is of part of the pagoda on the grounds. There are only three pagodas in Tokyo. This one survived World War II, unlike most others in Tokyo. It was moved to this location in the early part of the 20th Century. On the pagoda itself it says the age is unknown but is thought to be about 500 years old.

japanese bridge maples chinzanso tokyo japan

Closer to the Four Seasons Hotel is this picturesque bridge. I need to head back to this spot when the leaves change colors soon.