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Ebisu Garden Place – Christmas Illumination

Christmas is different no matter where you go in the world. The Japanese Christmas shares little in common with Christmas elsewhere. Where else will you find the ultimate Christmas decoration to be a giant chandelier?

Today’s photo is from Ebisu Garden Place. If you look closely at the bottom of the photo (perhaps after making it larger by clicking on it), you’ll see a family getting their picture taken in front of the Baccarat Chandelier. I wonder if they used it as their nengajo (年賀状 or New Year’s Card)?

Tokyo from Ebisu Garden Place Tower

I previously mentioned the nice view from Ebisu Garden Place Tower on the day after the typhoon when the skies were extremely clear. I was recently there again, this time with my camera, on a day when the weather was changing.

Beyond Ebisu, in the immediate foreground, you can see Shibuya. I like the way the sun, between a break in the clouds, drew a line under the Shinjuku skyscrapers in the distance.