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One month until we leave for Copenhagen

We are now counting down the days, instead of the months, until we leave. We have plane tickets and a place to stay in Copenhagen. Beyond that we need your help if possible.

map of denmark and parts of germany and sweden

I will be teaching in Copenhagen on Mondays and Wednesdays which means that we will have four-day weekends in which to explore areas beyond Copenhagen. The plan is to spend one of those weekends in Sweden (close to Denmark–not Stockholm), another in Germany (close to Denmark–not Munich, Frankfurt, or even Berlin), and we may spend the others in different parts of Denmark. After Denmark we will be flying to Paris for five days.

Do any of you have any specific recommendations for places to stay (or avoid!) including town names and lodgings given the above parameters? We’ll probably stay two nights on our weekend trips to other parts of Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, and we need a place for five nights on our Paris trip.

Any help, suggestions, or past experiences that you have had would be much appreciated!