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A wider angle on “Man and Pegasus”

man and pegasus blue sky hakone carl milles

My prior entry on this piece is a bit deceptive as it appears this work by Carl Milles is only a few feet off the ground. In reality his “Man and Pegasus” are well airborne. I took this one earlier in the day when the sky was bluer.

Time to pack my desktop computer up for the move. It isn’t coming on the trip. The next 350+ blog entries will be coming to you from my laptop.

箱根湯本の煎餅屋さん (Senbei–rice crackers–man in Hakone)

煎餅 senbeiyasan We watched this man make Japanese rice crackers right in front of us on the streets of Hakone Yumoto before purchasing one to try ourselves. I was expecting the freshness to make it taste extra good. Although it was warm, it didn’t taste any different than any other senbei I’ve had.

These are frequently eaten with a sheet of nori (seaweed). That is what the man is holding in his left hand to wrap around the senbei.

Hakone Sushi

hakone night life Even though Hakone is loaded with tourists, many doing the Hakone loop during the day, by night the place becomes a ghost town. Very few of the few restaurants remain open as most tourists eat in their lodgings. We walked past this sushi place (すし処 means sushi place and はげ八 is the name of this restaurant in Hakone Yumoto) on our way back to our hotel.

Reflecting on this picture now, as we prepare to head back to Japan, I can see how much my kids have grown in just two years. My son is now as tall as my wife.

Man on giant hand sculputure

man on hand hakone open air museum

I think this is the last picture (“God’s Hand” by Carl Milles) from inside the Hakone Open-Air Museum that I’ll show you for now. I have a couple other photos from around Hakone that I’ll post in the next few days before we physically return to Japan. Then, at last, you’ll get to see some fresh pictures!

Symphonic Sculpture by Gabriel Loire

stain glass tower Symphonic Sculpture by Gabriel Loire hakone open air museum

Inside the Hakone Open-Air Museum is the “Symphonic Sculpture” by Gabriel Loire which is a lookout tower made out of stained glass with a spiral staircase in the middle. This is the view from the inside.

Grass angels

grass angels hakone japan

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