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Sunset from the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building (新宿住友ビルディング)

Suwa Jinja

suwa jinja matsuri stage


Shrines in Japan are typically closed. Sure you can visit them, walk around the grounds, and make an offering at any hour of any day. However, the walls come down during a festival for performances and the like. Such is the case at the Suwa Jinja Matsuri in Shinjuku each August when visitors can get a rare glimpse at the simple and elegant stage behind the wooden walls.

Shinjuku Gyoen Sakura

japanese cherry blossoms tokyo japan

Godzilla in Shinjuku

ビッグマツイ Big Matsui kirin canned coffee promo

No, not that Godzilla, the Godzilla also known as Hideki Matsui. Kirin used Matsui (or a giant balloon made to look like him actually) to promote their canned coffee called “Fire” with this “Big Matsui” outside of the Shinjuku Train Station exit a few years ago. Matsui was all the rage at the time given his MVP in the World Series the prior fall with the Yankees. I wonder if his image is still plastered all over the place in Japan now that his career is winding down.

Tokyo during the tail end of a typhoon

tokyo shinjuku crazy clouds

One night, while we lived in Tokyo, a typhoon ripped through. By morning the rain had stopped, but it was still windy and the clouds were racing by at an unbelievable clip. We decided to go someplace high for lunch to survey the scene. Today’s photo is of our view from near the top of the Sumitomo Building in Shinjuku. Click here to see what I had for my meal.

Although these clouds appear to be stationary, had I taken another photo five seconds later the clouds would have been a totally different batch.

Shinjuku after dark

tokyo night photos

Taken from the same location as this prior photo, today’s pic shows a few more buildings on a moonless night.