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Raiders crush Yotes on road for 7-1 record

SOU football Melvin Mason

SOU football – Melvin Mason

@SOU_Football @SOURaiders

The Southern Oregon University football team had no problem breaking the College of Idaho’s undefeated-at-home winning streak today. Details of the game can be found here. Melvin Mason averaged nearly 7 yards per carry while rushing the ball 12 times today.

It’s that time of the season in which scoreboard watching comes into play. If the Raiders can crack the top four in the rankings by the end of the season, they will earn the right to host several possible playoff games. Currently SOU sits at #7 in the coach’s poll, the only poll that counts. #2 Baker lost today and #6 Georgetown barely won against an unranked, previously 2-5 team. The odds look pretty good that the Raiders will come in at #5 when Monday’s poll is released with three regular season games to play.

The Whole Picture (part 7)

SOU volleyball Emma Gasman

SOU volleyball – Emma Gasman

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB

Raiders won last night. Story here. Tonight’s game in Ashland is at 5 p.m.

Ashland High School hosts a volleyball tournament today too. They play beginning at 11 a.m. State championship playoffs begin Tuesday night in Ashland.

Volleyball tonight and tomorrow

dig pink volleyball breast cancer awareness southern oregon university raiders photo by al case ashland daily photo

SOU volleyball – Lauren McGowne

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB

Ashland High School volleyball is also happening tonight at 6 p.m.

Raiders head to Idaho

SOU football Dylan Young

SOU football – Dylan Young

@SOU_Football @SOURaiders @DY_Lee11

This weekend the Southern Oregon University football team will be on the road again, taking on the College of Idaho Yotes. Carroll is the only team in the Frontier Conference getting much respect from the coaches doing the NAIA national rankings. The coaches seem to look more at records and the teams’ performances in prior years than strength of schedule in the current year, who a team beat, or where games take place.

College of Idaho doesn’t garner any votes from the coaches, but more accurate and objective rankings like Hensley Ratings say otherwise. There, the Yotes are ranked #15. In addition, College of Idaho is undefeated at home. Still, Hensley Ratings predicts the Raiders will be victorious by a touchdown.

Down to #7

SOU football Dustin Fretwell

SOU football – Dustin Fretwell

@SOU_Football @SOURaiders

With the Raiders loss to Carroll College the NAIA Football Coaches Poll rather unfairly dropped SOU three spots in the rankings. Both Carroll and SOU are undefeated against a similar schedule. (In fact, SOU has one more win than Carroll and no more losses.) SOU beat Carroll by 3 points at home. Carroll beat SOU by 2 points at home. Anyone who has watched both of those games would say that the teams are evenly matched. They would probably win about 50 games each if they played each other 100 times. Yet Carroll is ranked #3 while SOU is ranked #7. Why?

If SOU wins the rest of their games they will get at least one home game in the playoffs. However, if Carroll wins the rest of their games they will get at least two home games in the playoffs. Why?

Hopefully, SOU wins the rest of their games and a few teams ahead of SOU in the current rankings are upset between now and November 15.

Lithia Motors donates to #‎SOUCountMeIn‬

SOU football mary sid matt raider club check deboer sayer

2013 contribution by Lithia Motors and other local car dealerships

@SOUAshland @lithiamotors

Between now and midnight, Lithia Motors will contribute $100 (up to $25,000) to SOU’s Count Me In drive to raise money for student scholarships. For more details and to contribute go here.

sou count me in soucountmein

Raider Photos

SOU volleyball Paulla Pinheiro

SOU Volleyball’s Paulla Pinheiro and Mona Goudarzian

Some of you may have found your way here through the link on I have had several people email me asking questions about buying prints or about finding all of my photos for a certain sport.

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If you would like me to search through all of my photos and send you photos of the particular athlete you are looking for I charge a reasonable fee for the time it takes me to find all of those photos and to process them for you. I do not normally sell prints. I email you the high quality electronic files in .jpg format, and you can do the printing and framing yourself through a local or online service. You can also make photo books or do whatever you like with the pictures. My email is on this page.

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