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Happy birthday, Bubba Rylance!

SOU football daytona bubba rylance drew gibson

Bubba Rylance (#59) and Drew Gibson (#77)

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @dmgibson93


SOU football Ra Sjeon Hines blocked kick second edit

Ra Sjeon Hines blocked punt (October 2013)

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football

Less than 45 days until the 2015 season begins…

SOU’s Scholar Teams

SOU women's soccer team 2015 awards

Southern Oregon University women’s soccer team had a combined 3.45 GPA for the year

@SOUWomensSoccer @SOURaiders

Details here.

SOU night with the Medford Rogues

blue hour 8-photo photomerge Medford Rogues panorama harry and david park

8-photo photomerge of Harry & David Field

@MedfordRogues @SOUAshland

Hey, SOU people. I know some of you check this blog on a daily basis. I haven’t seen this announced anywhere online or via campus email, but I saw a flyer on campus (even though the campus is mostly empty) saying tonight (7/15/15) is Southern Oregon University night with the Medford Rogues. You can get in for $2, hot dogs for $2, beer for $2, etc. with your SOU ID. Game time is 6:35. The weather should be as nice as last night (pictured above).

Try not to turn it into another 10 Cent Beer Night riot. 😉

Medford Rogues Tony Roque

Tony Roque

More 4th of July photos

ashland 4th of july parade sou rocky

Rocky Raider

@AshlandSprings @SOUAshland @SOUWomensSoccer

ashland 4th of july parade sou Jenni Rosenberg

SOU Women’s Soccer Coach Jenni Rosenberg hands out candy to kids at the Ashland 4th of July Parade

ashland 4th of july run byron marlowe

SOU business instructor Byron Marlowe runs down Main Street with fancy eyewear in the 2015 July 4 run

ashland 4th of july parade sou plaza

Southern Oregon University’s parade contingent descends on the plaza

4th of July pics

ashland 4th of july parade sou wrestling tyler cowger sydney norvell Demi Sahlinger

SOU wrestler Tyler Cowger (left), SOU basketball player Demi Sahlinger, and SOU’s first women’s wrestler Sydney Norvell (far right)

@SOUAshland @SOUWrestling

ashland 4th of july parade sou dance cheer

Southern Oregon University’s Dance and Cheer Team

ashland 4th of july fireworks middle school

Fireworks from Ashland Middle School

ashland 4th of july parade sou steve penny thorpe

SOU’s Penny and Steve Thorpe

2015 Ashland 4th of July Parade Photos

ashland 4th of july parade sou

SOU in the Ashland 4th of July parade

@AshORChamber @SOUAshland

ashland 4th of july parade fly over

fly over

ashland 4th of july parade super soaker

They banned these for parade participants a few years ago but maybe not for the spectators. In any event, no one was complaining as it was HOT!

ashland 4th of july parade sou scienceworks fart

ashland 4th of july parade sou firecracker queens wendy conner

More pictures from the day coming soon…

Tyler Burke

Tyler Burke

@SOURaiders @SOU_Softball @twyler_

Some of you may have found your way here through the link on I have had several people email me asking questions about buying prints or about finding all of my photos for a certain sport.

The photos I post here are a small fraction of the photos I actually have. If you would like to print any of the photos on this blog, you are welcome to do so at no charge. Be sure to click on the photo to get to the higher resolution size which will print with more quality. If you want to use them on the web (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.), you are welcome to do so if you link back to with the photo or link back to the URL with source of the photo.

If you would like me to search through all of my photos and send you photos of the particular athlete you are looking for I charge a reasonable fee for the time it takes me to find all of those photos and to process them for you. I do not normally sell prints. I email you the high quality electronic files in .jpg format, and you can do the printing and framing yourself through a local or online service. My email is on this page or you can comment (leave a reply) to a blog entry to communicate.

To find all of my photos for a particular sport, use the following links. Click on “Older Entries” near the bottom-left of each page to view more photos.
softball (includes some high school and little league softball too)
volleyball (includes some club and high school volleyball too)
track and field

Happy birthday, Brianne Craig!

SOU softball Brianne Craig Kelsey Randall

@SOU_Softball @SOURaiders @bri1310

100 Watt Mind graduates, begins summer tour

100 Watt Mind - Summer Tour 2015

100 Watt Mind – Summer Tour 2015

@100WATTMIND @BigRobertE

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