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sou football Melvin Mason

Melvin Mason

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Football at 4.

Volleyball at 9.

Winners continue deeper into the NAIA playoffs. Losers are done. In Ashland. Be there.

 sou volleyball bench

Southern Oregon University in November

sou autumn leaves campus

SOU in autumn

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Those SOU landscaping people are so on top of the leaf “problem” on campus during the week that in order to get a photo like this, you need to wait until Sunday. Early on Monday works too.

Playoff Saturday


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NAIA FCS first round predictions

SOU football isaiah carter david weider max woods sam

Isiah Carter, David Weider, and Sam Woods before yesterday’s victory over Eastern Oregon University

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @CarterTheGr8_

Here are the games:
Game 1 – Saint Xavier (Ill.) (7-3) at Morningside (Iowa) (10-1)
Game 2 – Point (Ga.) (8-2) at Baker (Kan.) (10-1)
Game 3 – Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) (8-2) at Grand View (Iowa) (10-1)
Game 4 – Reinhardt (Ga.) (9-1) at Saint Francis (Ind.) (9-0)
Game 5 – Dickinson State (N.D.) (8-2) at Montana Tech (9-1)
Game 6 – Campbellsville (Ky.) (8-2) at Marian (Ind.) (8-2)
Game 7 – Kansas Wesleyan (10-1) at Southern Oregon (8-2)
Game 8 – Doane (Neb.) (9-1) at Tabor (Kan.) (10-1)

Here are the predictions:
Game 1 – Morningside (Iowa) by 20+
Game 2 – Slight edge to Baker (Kan.)
Game 3 – Slight edge to Grand View (Iowa)
Game 4 – Slight edge to Saint Francis (Ind.)
Game 5 – Montana Tech by 20+
Game 6 – Slight edge to Marian (Ind.)
Game 7 – Southern Oregon by 20+
Game 8 – Doane (Neb.) by 7+

For SOU to host a second round game they will likely need three of the top six teams to lose in the first round. Morningside and Montana Tech will probably be victorious, but three of the other four games could go to the visiting team. If that doesn’t happen, SOU may be traveling to Montana Tech for the second round.

Players of the Week

sou volleyball lauren mcgowne

Lauren McGowne

@courtney_setzer @SOURaiders @RaiderVB @LMcGowne @souwbb

sou women's basketball courtney setzer

Courtney Setzer

Lauren McGowne and Courtney Setzer were named Players of the Week for the Cascade Conference. Details here.

Crazy exciting volleyball game tonight

Jump Serve

@SOURaiders @ashlynflynn0216 @RaiderVB

Well, at least last year’s contest was (see below), and just as much is on the line tonight, so I don’t see why tonight’s affair should be any different.

The entire season has been building up to this. Eastern Oregon is 21-2; Southern Oregon is 21-2. Need more be said?

7 p.m. start time. Don’t be late or there may not be any seats.

Thrill of Victory

BIG volleyball games this week

sou volleyball southern oregon university raiders

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB @LMcGowne

A 3-0 week will likely mean a conference championship. Anything less probably doesn’t…

SOU is undefeated at home. No reason to change that fact this week.

Higher resolution:

sou volleyball


 sou football julius rucker

#1 Julius Rucker Jr.

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Jrucker10

For the first time since the preseason poll, the NAIA football coaches (or at least the 15 with voting power) have selected SOU as the #1 NAIA football team. Ironically, it’s the first week that Massey has SOU as anything other than #1. Massey shows Reinhardt as their new #1 and SOU as #2. The coaches have Reinhardt at #6. Reinhardt has a bye week followed by their most difficult opponent, so far, Campbellsville on the road on 11/7. Reinhardt is still a 7-point favorite in that one. SOU is a 14-point favorite at Rocky Mountain this weekend.

Battle for #1

sou football matt retzlaff jeremy scottow

Matt Retzlaff and Jeremy Scottow celebrate.
Scottow threw for a touchdown, caught a pass for a touchdown, and was the holder for several PATs in the victory over College of Idaho.

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Scottow12 @Matt_Retzlaff

After yesterday’s games Massey has given Reinhardt its #1 ranking, a ranking held by SOU for most of the season. The coaches will likely go with SOU or Morningside in tomorrow’s poll. Massey doesn’t have Morningside in its top five.

I previously hinted that the Frontier Conference may have only one team reach the postseason, but with Montana Tech’s victory over Carroll yesterday, things could go otherwise. If Montana Tech can get by Eastern Oregon this coming weekend, the winner of the Montana Tech vs. Montana Western contest on 11/14/15 may also make the postseason (along with SOU, assuming things go well for the Raiders the next few weeks). If EOU beats Tech and Tech beats Montana Western, then Southern Oregon will likely be the only Frontier Conference team to make the postseason.

The Whole Picture (part 18)

SOU volleyball Courtney Macklin Nila Lukens Corynn Kopra

Courtney Macklin and Corynn Kopra covering Nila Lukens’ kill

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB @RinnieThePoooh @nillawafer_8

After a sporting event that I’ve taken photos of, I usually do a quick run through of the pics and delete about half of them. The reasons for the deletions vary, but they usually consist of one or more of the following: subject out of focus, lack of action, awkward face, lighting that can’t be salvaged, lack of eyes/ball in frame, and/or already have a similar photo that is better.

When I first saw this photo, my finger went to the delete key since the potential subject (Nila) is out of focus. Then I paused a bit and looked at Courtney and Corynn. I immediately realized that they were the real subjects. I had prefocused on someone at the net before taking this, as it is extremely difficult to get a decent focus in gym lighting if you try to focus at the last second (especially when you are on the opposite side of the net from your subject).

I don’t know if I have any shots of really good “covering” that were intentionally set up that way, but this one looks like it was. Therefore, it became a keeper. Actually it’s one of my favorite volleyball shots due to its uniqueness. There are loads of great volleyball kill photos out there, but how many good shots of players covering a potential block do you see?

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