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Cubs win!

Just a quick entry today as we are off for Europe. In fact, we are probably in the air as this blog post gets added.

The Chicago Cubs currently have the best record in baseball (even though they’ve been pretty bad on the road). Who knows how long that will last? I figure I’ll capture their current glory with a picture I took at Wrigley Field last summer.

Chicago Wrigley Field bleachers

I was actually trying to get a picture of the batter (Moises Alou) as he was on my fantasy baseball team at the time. A guy stood up in front of me so I refocused on the bleachers. Two seconds later Alou deposits a home run ball into the area I was photographing. The Cubs did go on to win the game though. 

You can have some fun with this picture. Get a friend and play a version of “Where’s Waldo?” Can you spot the guy who appears to be waving at me? Can you see the ball? Can you find the lone Mets fan?

I have some other pictures (and video) from this day that I’ll share in a later entry. Skål!

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