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Gilleleje, Denmark

We got back to the train station in the nick of time to catch our train to Gilleleje. But no train was on the platform, and there was no notice that it was delayed. Two minutes went by and then the train vanished from the electronic schedule of departures monitor. This seemed very strange since we were there before it was scheduled to leave and no train ever came or went.

The next train going to Gilleleje would leave in half an hour so we would wait. Twenty five minutes passed and no train came. Finally, we asked someone, and they told us that an announcement was just made that they were working on the tracks between Helsingor and Gilleleje so we’d have to take a bus instead. Of course the announcements were only in Danish, which we can’t understand, so we would have never found this out had we not asked.

The bus ride was actually great. We went along a beautiful coast with some really unique and beautiful properties. Some reminded me of things you’d see in Monterey, California or between Monterey and Carmel.

Kattegat Sea

From the train station we went straight to the beach which put us on the west side of the harbor. This area was beautiful, but the wind was strong.

Sailboating in the Kattegat Sea north of Denmark

After a while we decided to check out the harbor.

gilleleje harbor denmark

From the fishing harbor (although we only saw pleasure sailboats actually launching and returning) we continued east to a wonderful beach with much less wind.

Playing in the sea next to Gilleleje Denmark

The sand was soft and cool. It may have been the first sand I’ve ever encountered that didn’t bother me in the least. Normally I like to rinse sand off immediately or at least not have it between the skin of my feet and sandals. This sand was of a special, fine variety that I could lay in all day (and in fact did).

home on the denmark sea

Instead of heading back to the town center via the beach we decided to check out the Gilleleje bungalows. We went a block or two into the residential area and walked back that way. The homes were amazing. Don’t miss them should you ever end up in Gilleleje!

cute danish houses on the coast

The thatched roofs, bright colors, unusual architecture, and flower gardens were wonderful. I felt like I was in The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings touring the Shire.

thatched roof homes in gilleleje denmark

If you like beach towns, and you ever make it to Zealand, do not miss an opportunity to spend part of a day at Gilleleje.

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