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Photo contest “Noteworthy Entry”

I entered Travel Essentials 2008 photo contest with two pictures–“Wind Energy” from my July 29 blog entry and “The not-so-ugly ducklings” from my July 9 blog entry. While neither photograph took home a glorious money prize, I did crack the top 21 and get featured on the site. I came in at #18. Take a look at the other 20 photos by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. There are some really nice pictures in there.

wind energy

The not-so-ugly ducklings

3 Responses to “Photo contest “Noteworthy Entry””

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    This is the most ‘gold-like’ gold color I think I have ever seen in a photo. Just stunning!

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    It’s all natural too, Jill. I did no Photoshop work on this image. I thought it may have a shot at winning given that I took it where Hans Christian Andersen wrote “The Ugly Duckling.” No such luck though.

    BTW, I like your blog. I recently took my first trip to Salem and had a great time. I’ve got two entries on Salem here: