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Last day of Mexico week, Porta Vallarta

As I mentioned a few days back, I have too many decent photos of Mexico to cram into just one week so I will revisit Mexico again at a later date. There is even talk of another trip down there for Spring Break of 2009 so maybe I’ll toss in another Mexico week on this blog then (even if we don’t go again).

We stayed at the Presidente InterContinental Puerto Vallarta. The hotel isn’t in the main part of town which is a bit inconvenient but well worth the trouble of a taxi or bus when you do want to head into the city center. The picture I took, above, was my first impression as I walked out onto our balcony. It doesn’t get much better than a view like that.

I remember two of the meals we had in Puerto Vallarta as being among the best I’ve ever had.

That does it for Mexican week. We’ll return to things Japanese tomorrow. I think I’ll do some other week-long travel blogs in the future though as I quite enjoyed it (even if those of you only interested in Japan didn’t ;)). Be on the lookout for future weeks dedicated to Canada, Hawaii, and Italy.

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