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Hibria and Hatebreed @ Loud Park

hibria Iuri Sanson

I started off day two (Sunday, October 18, 2009) at Loud Park a little later than day one. There weren’t any early bands that I wanted to see. The full schedule can be seen here. I arrived in time to see the last half of Hibria, a band I hadn’t heard before. They sounded like a mix of early Queensryche and DragonForce. Although I really like early Queensryche, I got bored of Hibria after a few songs so I went for a stroll instead.

hibria Iuri Sanson jump

The above photo would have been really cool had it been in focus. Oh well…

hibria loud park japan tokyo Abel Camargo Diego Kasper

Hatebreed was next. I am not a fan of Hatebreed. Every time Pandora selects a Hatebreed song for my stations I end up thumbing it down so I don’t have to hear it again. Live, in Tokyo, however, they put on a good show. The singer was very upbeat and the crowd loved them. I don’t know exactly why I liked them, since I don’t like NuMetal, Metalcore, Rap Metal or whatever category they fit in, but they somehow were interesting to watch in concert on this day.

hatebreed loud park japan tokyo october 18 2009

Will I continue to ban them from my Pandora play lists? Probably. If you feel the same way and happen to be at a gig when they are the opening act, I suggest you at least experience them live.

By the way, Pandora doesn’t work in Japan. Pandora is one of only a few things I miss about living in the good old USA. I’m stuck with Live365 Internet Radio over here, and it isn’t nearly as good.

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