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Autumn Leaves at Waseda University

waseda university in fall 早稲田大学 秋

The fall season and “back to school” go hand-in-hand in many parts of the states. In Tokyo the fall colors a delayed by not weeks, but months. Today’s photos were taken in December. The foliage on the Waseda University campus, although mostly gone now, was quite beautiful in late November and early December.

college student motorcycles waseda university tokyo japan fall leaves foliage

Once the leaves began to fall, the campus looked quite different in early morning, before the cleaning crews arrived. The place was blanketed in leaves.

Unfortunately, the Japanese are far too efficient at raking leaves. They do so on a daily basis so seeing the leaves on the ground is something of a rarity.

waseda university campus grounds crew raking leaves tokyo japan

In the above photo you can see three grounds keepers removing the fallen leaves, pretty much as they fall. There were probably 10 people on campus doing nothing but making sure leaves were not under foot. I would have preferred to walk through a few inches of the stuff myself.

One Response to “Autumn Leaves at Waseda University”

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    leif hagen:

    A few lovely, late Fall photos! I would also rather stroll through some rustling leaves!

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