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Throwback Thursday


Today’s photo comes from seven years ago when I was checking out my old stomping grounds from ten years ago. Alas, I have, unfortunately, not been back to Japan since.

Flashback Friday

View from Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan 2010)

Central Tokyo from Waseda University

waseda university tokyo japan

Waseda University Library

waseda university library

Waseda University Library

I spent many hours in this library a few years ago. It wasn’t until I found out, months after taking this photo, that the baseball field had been removed in the late 1980s to make room for it that I came to wish that the “new” Waseda University Library didn’t exist.

Streetcar bound for Waseda (早稲田)

Shinjuku (and Mt. Fuji)

tokyo skyline mt fuji shinjuku

Tokyo, Japan

I have shown this scene (the Mt. Fuji piece anyway) zoomed in a couple times before. Today’s pic is a much more general overview of the bulk of Shinjuku Ku with the main Shinjuku skyscraper buildings in the distant center, a bit of Nakano Ku in the distance to the right and a bit of Shibuya Ku in the distance to the left.