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Mt. Mitake Hike – Part 4 (nearing Mitake Jinja)

case family fall photo 2009 mount mitake japan

koyo fall foliage autumn mt. mitake jinja japan

At this junction, you can take about eight different paths. One takes you to the top of Mt. Otsuka. The book we were following didn’t say anything about what you’d see there so we didn’t go to the top of Mt. Otsuka (which turned out to be a really good thing as it would have put us back another hour and likely left us stranded in the dark later in the day). Another route looked shorter and said (in Japanese) that it took you to the picnic area from which you can see Mt. Fuji. However, we could pretty much see the top, and it was surrounded in tall trees. So I don’t think you could really see Mt. Fuji from there unless you climbed a tree. Instead, we followed the above sign towards Mitake Jinja (御嶽神社), which is the Shinto shrine on top of the mountain. For some unknown reason the kanji is different (御山 for Mt. Mitake vs. 御神社). Anyone know why?

thatch roof moss multiple kind of style mitake jinja japan

As we neared the shrine area the number of people increased dramatically. Houses, shops, etc. also sprung up as we neared this remote location. The building pictured above had the strangest roof I have ever seen. It was all one building but appeared to have at least three or four completely different roofs.

3 Responses to “Mt. Mitake Hike – Part 4 (nearing Mitake Jinja)”

  1. 1

    That is truly a strange assortment of roofs! The fall colors are gorgeous and the shot of your family on the picnic table is so good! What a backdrop!

  2. 2

    All your photos are breathtakingly beautiful and well-composed. May I know what digital camera did you use to capture those awesome shots?

  3. 3

    These pics were all with my TZ7.

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