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The Road to Siam Bay

From Batok Bay we took a road to Siam Bay. We saw no people, few dwellings (although that could change in the near future, I’m guessing, with the one resort on the island charging more per night than most Thai people make in a month), and some animals.

For instance, there were water buffalo.

The beach in Siam Bay was even more empty than Batok Bay. The white sand was incredibly soft, the water pure, and we were in paradise.

We found out, soon after I took the above photo, that Ellie’s bright pink shirt is loved by tropical fish. As we snorkled she was swarmed with fish who either thought she was their mother or their lunch.

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    Ken Buccino:

    Still loving your blog and feel like we get to share in your adventure. Thanks for keeping this up to date! No major news from Ashland to report.