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Welcome to June–beer drinking season has arrived

june is beer garden month in japan

The above is an actual promotion the Tokyo Metro is currently running for June. The poster says, “beer drinking season has arrived.” The ad goes on to show where the various beer gardens are in Tokyo.

Usually ads, in any country, for beer gardens show happy people enjoying a cold, tall beer. If you look closely at the above photo (clicking on it will give you are larger view), you’ll notice this ad goes a bit beyond the normal. I’ve blown up one part of the image below to show you what I mean.

tokyo beer garden marketing campaign

People passed out (face up AND face down), a guy who has had so much to drink that he thinks he is an angel, and a beer drinking monkey?!?!

2 Responses to “Welcome to June–beer drinking season has arrived”

  1. 1

    Maybe the poor guy actually has become an angel and it should be interpreted as a warning 😉
    Very funny find!

  2. 2

    Great ad! This would be a fun one to own! Thanks for capturing.