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Mt. Fuji from central Tokyo

For much of the year, Mt. Fuji is difficult or impossible to see from Tokyo. Maybe once or twice a month at sunrise or dusk is the best you can do. But November is a good month for seeing Mt. Fuji from many tall buildings in Tokyo. You won’t see it every day, but there are a fair number of chances. I took this photo from the Waseda University campus in Shinjuku Ku. (Here is the same scene without the zoom.)

The building blocking part of the view is 住友中野坂上ビル (Sumitomo Nakano Sakaue Biru) located in Nakano. I’ve been to the top of tall buildings in Nakano too, but never on a day when Mt. Fuji was visible. The top few floors of this building in Nakano are residences. I wouldn’t mind living there and taking a peak out the window every few hours to see if Fuji San can be seen (or more likely not).

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