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Shirakawago (summer vs. winter)

Japan’s four seasons are beautiful. The summers can be a little long, as can the winters, but they are still fun to experience. I have been to Shirakawago at the beginning of summer (July pictured above). Someday I hope to make it there in the winter. Come to think of it, I’d also like to experience a spring and autumn there too. 😉

The rice paddies are well underway in July but not quite as lush as they would be a month or so later.

A few days ago, Edmund Yeo posted some photos he recently took from the same location. One is below.

snowy japanese winter scene

The rice hasn’t been planted yet in this winter scene, and the fields are deep in snow.

Which do you like better–the green or the white?

4 Responses to “Shirakawago (summer vs. winter)”

  1. 1

    I can’t decide what’s better.. Spring or Autumn.

  2. 2
    Edmund Yeo:

    Thanks for the link. I think winter is easily more beautiful than summer, but I’m curious to know whether there are any cherry blossoms and stuff during spring!

  3. 3
    Japan Australia:

    Shirakawago is a beautiful place in any season. I love it in winter with all the white snow and snow on the gassho zukuri houses. Summer is also good for the beautiful green colours.

  4. 4

    very nice picture. cool taken.
    by the way,I am sorry for the earthquake that struck Japan.