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Shirakawago Lodging (Hisamatsu Minshuku)

We stayed in a minshuku called Hisamatsu (久松) while in Ogimachi (荻町) in Shirakawago (白川郷). This was an authentic minka or gassho zukuri. I don’t think you can fully experience Japan without staying in a place like this. The owners are an extremely old couple, but their daughter pretty much runs the show at this point. She can speak a bit of English I think, but I made our reservation (by calling through the above link) and did all the communication in Japanese. If you aren’t in Japan and want to book a night or two, you can try these email addresses: or

The daughter has kids too, but we never saw them. The food was excellent, the building amazing, but to be perfectly honest I didn’t sleep well. Grandpa headed to the bathroom every few minutes it seemed and I woke up each time. If you want a good night sleep I recommend bringing some earplugs. Do wake up before dawn and go for a walk though!

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