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Pancake Corner

amsterdam pancake corner police horseback bulldog coffee shop Leidseplein

I did absolutely no research prior to arriving in Amsterdam last summer. So when I walked out of my hotel to find that I was staying in a district (Leidseplein) with this much nightlife activity I was a bit surprised. Without even participating in the possible debauchery the scene was a trip. Ten shots of J├Ągermeister for only 10 Euro? And I could get pancakes to go along with that? Or I could head next door to The Bulldog Palace Coffeeshop and order off an extensive menu of legal cannabis. Pot not your thing? Farther down this road you can have your choice of magic mushrooms. Actually you didn’t have to purchase or consume anything to get your head spinning. Just wondering what the mounted police could possibly do while on the back of a horse was enough to send your mind into space.

I found out later in the evening that the hotcakes at Pancake Corner come served with huge scoops of ice cream on top. Weird.

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