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Nikon D600 oil spots and dust problems

nikon d600

I said before that I wanted one of the new, Nikon D600 cameras. However, I’m glad I waited. It seems all of them have a problem with attracting dust and/or oil on the sensor. At a price more than 2X that of the D7000, the D600 simply isn’t worth the money. Hopefully Nikon will get their problems fixed, and at some point in the serial numbers the dust and oil problems on the sensor will disappear or at least decrease. Until then, I will wait for a lower price and a fix in the design which is causing this oil and dust problem. If it were only happening above f/14 or something I could live with it, but to be visible in shots taken below f/8 just a dozen or so shutter usages after cleaning in basically all samples is unacceptable.

Here are some of the stories and accounts on the D600 problems:
Spots on D600
Nikon D600 has sensor dust issues

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