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Josh Reddick

josh reddick oakland a's

Josh Reddick of the Oakland A’s

I watched Japan beat Brazil in Fukuoka this morning (on TV) in the WBC 2013. I would love to visit the Fukuoka Dome (福岡ドーム) for a game in June, but I think the Japanese All-Star Game will be happening then in Fukushima which isn’t anywhere near Fukuoka. Perhaps I’ll catch a game in Hiroshima on my way from Fukuoka to Osaka on June 21. The Tigers aren’t going to be in town.

Speaking of the 2013 World Baseball Classic, not a single A’s player was selected for the USA team. Hopefully my A’s will fly under the radar again, but win the American League West anyway like they did last year. If Josh Reddick hits 30+ homers again and bats higher than .250 I think the A’s will have a great chance.

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