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A’s are moving to Vegas

sean murphy oakland as-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Sean Murphy of the Oakland A’s (May 2022)

@Athletics #Oakland #OaklandAthletics #LasVegasAthletics #OaklandAs

Looks like the last professional team that I had any interest in no longer wants me to be interested…

Happy birthday, Rickey Henderson!

Silicon Graphics Computer Systems and Rickey Henderson

Saw this clip a while ago and figured I should do a screenshot of it and not just because Rickey Henderson was my favorite baseball player ever. I worked at Silicon Graphics (when they were better known as SGI) in the late 1990s. The video was probably from the early ’90s, as the SGI logo changed in the meantime.

Oakland Coliseum

10-photo photomerge oakland coliseum-DeNoiseAI-clear

Oakland Coliseum (May 2022)

10 years ago today…

Doug Fister

Happening again, for the first time in many years, in about 48 hours. Let’s go A’s!

Caught looking

oakland prince fielder kurt suzuki baseball mlb

Prince Fielder takes strike three (May 2012)

Happy birthday, Tobias Forge!

ghost fox topaz ai denoise

Ghost @ The Fox Theater in April 2012

@thebandGHOST #ghost #concertphotography