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Matador Ramen (牛骨らぁ麺 マタドール)

ramen matador takadanobaba kitasenju beef

Beef-based Matador Ramen near Kitasenju Station in Tokyo, Japan

I have always been a fan of the most common types of ramen (pork-based or tonkotsu or 豚骨), miso (味噌ラーメン), shio (salt or 塩ラーメン), and shoyu (soy sauce or 醤油ラーメン). However, it turns out that my favorite kind of ramen is beef based or at least the Matador version of beef-based ramen. I’m pretty sure this bowl was the most delicious I have ever had from beginning to end.

Overheard from the mouth of the owner to a customer as I was eating this bowl is that Matador will soon be opening another store in Takadanobaba! Those of you going to Waseda University will be able to eat this on a nearly daily basis if you so choose. Count yourself lucky and expect a long line!

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