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Koamicho Bus Stop (小網町バス停)

 koamicho bus stop hiroshima mega egg

“Mega Egg” passing the Koamicho Bus Stop
Hiroshima, Japan

Today’s photo was taken while I was waiting for the “bus” near the place where I stayed in Hiroshima. By the way, if you want a friendly host, inexpensive rate, and great WiFi access while in Hiroshima, stay at Sansui Ryokan (山水旅館). Pretty much everyone who stays here is a foreigner so if you don’t want that scene pick somewhere else. However, when I stayed here (during rainy season) there were no other guests. The bike rental was an attraction for me, and I rode the bike all over Hiroshima.

The place isn’t really a ryokan; it’s more of a minshuku. And the bus stop isn’t really for buses; it’s for the Hiroshima Electric Railway (Hiroden Streetcar) as you can see. The owner of Sansui is super nice and helpful. She was excited to have someone she could speak with in Japanese. I helped her translate some of her messages into English so that they made sense, and she was very grateful as I was to her for her hospitality.

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