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Huaxia Chinese Orchestra

Huaxia Orchestra of the Henan Museum chinese performance sou music hall

Butterfly dancer – Huaxia Orchestra of the Henan Museum (Zhengzhou, China)

I’m in Eugene at the moment, visiting my parents, so I’m using a photo from “the cloud” today. I was going through some of my dad’s photos yesterday and came across hundreds of 35mm color slides from the 1950s that he took when he was stationed in Japan. These slides haven’t been looked at in decades (if ever), but I am hoping to convert them to digital and share some here. Stay tuned.

Shaolin Temple Monk

kung fu flip shaolin temple chinese performance sou music hall

Kung Fu Flip @ Southern Oregon University

Another photo today from the performance of the monks of the Shaolin Temple which happened a week ago on the SOU campus.

Huaxia Orchestra of the Henan Museum

huazia orchestra henan museum chinese performance sou music hall

In addition to Chinese Kung Fu by the monks of the Shaolin Temple, Monday night’s performance at SOU featured music, history, traditions, and dance from Huaxia Orchestra of Henan Museum, a museum that I have actually been to when I was in Zhengzhou.

Tonight this same show is taking place in the LaSells Stewart Center on the Oregon State University campus. If you are in or near Corvallis and plan to go, get there early. In Ashland the seats were filled within about 2 minutes of the doors opening and people were turned away.

Shaolin Temple Monks doing Kung Fu in Oregon

shaolin temple monks kung fu sword balance ashland oregon sou music recital hall

Monks from Shaolin Temple perform at Southern Oregon University

Once upon a time (less than three years ago) I visited the Shaolin Temple in central China. Last night they returned the favor and paid me a visit in Oregon.


china street scene liquor store orange stand tofu kids with pink backpacks

It has been a while since I posted any China pics to this blog. Today my random, desktop image was this photo from the streets of Zhengzhou (郑州). I can’t speak Chinese, but I can read some of it (for meaning). Looks like the stand behind the oranges was selling tofu, and the store on the right is a liquor store.

My blog is blocked in China (as are all sites hosted on Godaddy) so I’m guessing you are viewing this from somewhere else in the world.

Zhengzhou’s Erqi Square (二七广场)

Erqi Square 二七广场 zhengzhou china henan central clock towers

I discovered Erqi Square in Zhengzhou (郑州) a little too late during my two weeks in the city. My hotel was not near this central portion of Zhengzhou. Taxi cabs were cheap, but it could take forever to get from one place to another. If I ever make it to Zhengzhou again, I would like to see the Erqi Memorial Clock Tower, pictured just to the left of center in today’s photo, at night, all lit up.

If you click on this photo for a better view, you can see the somewhat organized chaos that is China traffic. The hordes of pedestrians, bikes, and scooters generally try not to mix too much with the cars and buses, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Until recently the cars and buses weren’t nearly so numerous. With no subway system, broken sidewalks, streets filled with potholes, and polluted air, getting from one place to another–regardless of your form of transportation–was not pleasant.


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