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Summer stroll

kyoto girls japanese yukata kimono umbrella kinkakuji golden pavilion temple

Today’s photo is a reverse angle on a prior photo I posted from the Temple of the Golden Pavilion.

Different take on the Temple of the Golden Pavilion

temple golden pavilion kinkakuji kyoto

鹿苑寺 (Rokuonji) AKA 金閣寺 (Kinkakuji)

Strolling around the Temple of the Golden Pavilion

kimono clad ladies japanese japan kyoto kinkakuji golden pavilion temple

金閣寺の観光客 (Kyoto, Japan)

The Temple of the Golden Pavilion

My possible job in Japan this summer is not going to happen. So I’m looking for “work” from the middle of June to the middle of September. Anyone need me, preferably in Japan?

Rokuon-ji (鹿苑寺) AKA Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺 or “Temple of the Golden Pavilion”)

temple golden pavillion kinkakuji

Temple of the Golden Pavilion – Kinkakuji – Kyoto, Japan

One of the previously mentioned postcards was of Kinkakuji. It didn’t take me until 2013 to finally see this magnificent place, although that is when I took today’s photo. I saw this place in person for the first time in 2007.


I turned on my computer this morning and was greeted with this image of the Golden Pavilion (kinkakuji) which I took back in 2007. It was a glorious day even with overcast skies.

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