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Plastic Jesus @ Club 66

Plastic Jesus

It’s been more than three years since Club 66 went out of business. Today’s photo comes from more than four years ago. It must have been a very hot day in June of 2015 as nearly everyone in Plastic Jesus and Everymen went shirtless, and, although you don’t see it in this photo, they were usually covered in sweat.

Every time I drive past what was once Club 66 I think of those good times.

Dokken & Sylent Storm at 2019 Boatnik

bloodmoon warning jym harris sylent storm

BloodMoon Warning @ Club 66 (July 2015 – featuring Jym Harris and Michael Ian Brisbane of Sylent Storm)

@SylentStorm @Dokken

I first saw Dokken back in 1984, opening for Dio at the Oakland Coliseum. I caught a bit of their set in Tokyo, 25 years later. Flash forward another 10 years, and I may be seeing them again.

Dio and Dokken (Oakland, California 1984)

Brume @ Club 66

Doom in high heels

Today’s photo is from about three and a half years ago.

Four years ago today…

club 66 Bädr Vogu

Bädr Vogu @ Club 66 (January 7, 2015)

#sludgemetal #crustdoommetal #BädrVogu #sludge #doom

Ressurection of Sylent Storm

jym harris sylent storm

Jym Harris of Sylent Storm (2014)


Along with a delayed release in 2018, Sylent Storm will begin playing live again next month (February 16 at Bamboo Room with GreyHawk).

Four years ago today…

Mark Morgan

Happy birthday, Nolan Castles!

Nolan Castles of Warhead

Bloodmoon Warning and Warrant coming to Boatnik


I’ve never been to Boatnik, and I can’t go this year, but maybe you can. Details here.

Once upon a time…

endon club 66

Endon @ Club 66 (February 23, 2016)


…these kinds of things actually happened in Ashland. Two years ago today this event took place.

The Desolate @ Club 66

The Desolate Club 66

The Desolate @ Club 66 (March 2016)


I looked at a folder of images today, from nearly two years ago, that I hadn’t seen previously. This is The Desolate who opened for Hemorage at Club 66 before the doors closed for good. If anyone knows who the band was who opened for The Desolate (featuring a guitarist/vocalist with a red, Jackson Flying V) let me know the name.