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Six years ago today…

D750 sample image, no edit, ISO12800, dimly lit venue


Dokken & Sylent Storm at 2019 Boatnik

bloodmoon warning jym harris sylent storm

BloodMoon Warning @ Club 66 (July 2015 – featuring Jym Harris and Michael Ian Brisbane of Sylent Storm)

@SylentStorm @Dokken

I first saw Dokken back in 1984, opening for Dio at the Oakland Coliseum. I caught a bit of their set in Tokyo, 25 years later. Flash forward another 10 years, and I may be seeing them again.

Dio and Dokken (Oakland, California 1984)

Ressurection of Sylent Storm

jym harris sylent storm

Jym Harris of Sylent Storm (2014)


Along with a delayed release in 2018, Sylent Storm will begin playing live again next month (February 16 at Bamboo Room with GreyHawk).

Sylent Storm, Skull Fist, Dark Confidant, & Gravewitch

@Musichead541 @Skull_Fist

Sylent Storm’s farewell show is happening tonight beginning at 6 p.m. in Medford at Musichead. Gravewitch will be there. The other bands sound great as well. Should be a fun show.

Sylent Storm

sylent storm james lind

Sylent Storm’s James Lind

Today’s photo is from, perhaps, the final performance of Sylent Storm.

Sylent Storm, Insanity’s Reign, and Unleash the Archers

sylent storm musichead medford oregon metal

Sylent Storm

Saturday night (11/15/14) will likely be Sylent Storm’s final performance. The show is at Musichead. Insanity’s Reign goes on at 6:30, followed by Sylent Storm, and then Unleash the Archers will wrap up the evening.

Raven @ Club 66

Raven, Night Demon, Sylent Storm @ Club 66 (10/29/14)

Raven, Night Demon, Sylent Storm @ Club 66 (10/29/14)

@NightDemonBand @official_raven

Temperance, Lose Control, Sylent Storm, and Abandoned Gods @ Musichead today

sylent storm james lind conner horn musichead

Sylent Storm’s James Lind and his apprentice @ Musichead

This all ages show starts at 6 p.m. (10/3/14)

From Hell, Sylent Storm, Existential Depression, and Burney Chair @ Musichead tonight

Jym Harris Sylent Storm

Jym Harris of Sylent Storm

Big metal show in Medford tonight (9/25/14). Although From Hell‘s album was made by members (or former members) of groups like Death Angel, Testament, Slayer, Forbidden, and Nevermore, the lineup tonight will feature George Anderson on vocals but none of the other studio members.

musichead medford oregon

From Hell flyer

Sylent Storm, Hessian, Blood of Kings, and Warriors of Light @ Musichead tonight

sylent storm club 66

Sylent Storm @ Club 66

Warriors of Light will kick things off tonight (9/3/14) at 6 p.m. for this all ages show.

Club 66 also has scheduled some metal, Section 5150 “with Special Guests”. That show is supposed to start at 9 p.m. I’m hoping to catch some of it after the Musichead show.