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Lake of the Woods

lake of the woods

Lake of the Woods, Southern Oregon

Another photo from the archives today… This one is from June of 2009. I took this picture (with my LX3) just before taking the one featured here.

Snowy Ashland Springs Hotel

Today’s photo was my random desktop image of the day. I took this picture of Ashland’s most famous hotel back in February on a snowy day in town. I left the shutter on my LX3 open for 8 seconds.

Guess what I purchased?

After much debate and shopping, I finally bit the bullet (sort of) and purchased a tripod. I say “sort of” because instead of buying what I intended (a “normal” $100 or so tripod that is a pain to carry around, fully set up, and then put away) I bought one that weighs less than my small camera, is less than a foot long, extends to almost four feet, and can be fully set up and put away in about four seconds. Even though most reviewers on amazon give it poor reviews, I’m digging my Targus TG-42TT 42-Inch Travel Tripod.

Someday I may get the real thing, just like someday I may actually purchase a DSLR, but for now portability and usability weigh heavier on my priority list. Will they ever make a DSLR smaller than my TZ10 or LX3? I doubt it. Maybe I won’t be “upgrading” after all. Going bigger and heavier is a downgrade, in my opinion, as it means I won’t bring it with me much and when I do I’ll be wishing I had something smaller and lighter.

Anyway, I picked up the Targus for under $20 and couldn’t be happier. I took the tripod and my LX3 out for some test shots a couple nights back. It had been snowing most of the day, but you can’t really see the snow in this photo of the Ashland Springs Hotel. I’ll have to try this photo again in December when the hotel has its Christmas lights up.

Barr Falls

barr falls prospect oregon

The overlook location for Barr Falls is really nice. I could sit here for hours. The wide angle on my LX3 provides a nice overview of the scene. I’ll show you a close up in a later entry. Next we’ll turn to my pick for the best thing to see in the Prospect area–Avenue of the Giant Boulders. For directions see my prior entry.

Pool effects

flying over the pool

Before clicking on the video below be sure your speakers are on. A higher volume will provide for better effects. 😉

Fun with LX3 on Hi Speed Burst mode set to music

Laying the 4th to rest

ashland oregon fireworks display best viewing places

At long last I will finish this series with a bang. I took this one on the Fourth. However, if you want to see fireworks in Southern Oregon on the day before the Fourth you can at Lake of the Woods. Those are even better thanks to the reflection.

Ashland Fireworks

ashland oregon fireworks

I thought I’d mix things up in this series by jumping forward 12 hours to some fireworks that happened later on the 4th. We watched them from the hill just below the Science Building on the SOU campus.

I tried a bunch of different options for taking pictures of fireworks on my LX3. Once again, the setting that worked the best was the default “ia” mode. The SCN Fireworks mode didn’t come out as good.

Ashland reservoir rope swing

ashland reservoir rope swing

ashland oregon reservoir rope swing

ashland oregon lithia park pond rope swing

I was playing around with the modes on my LX3 on my bike ride the other day around Lithia Park. By flipping the switch to SCN and then choosing “Hi Speed Burst” I was able to take six pictures per second. You lose a lot of quality in so doing, but the pictures aren’t bad if you are in good lighting and close to your target. In this series I wasn’t close enough.

Check out the fun you can have with putting these pictures together backwards with a program like Windows Movie Maker.

Reverse motion movie

Floater video

floater at the rogue theatre grants pass oregon november 2008 may 29 2009

Here is another Floater picture for you. And below is an HD video I took on my LX3 at the show. I forgot to follow my own advice and zoom before starting the video, but given my state of mind at the time it’s amazing that I remembered to take any pictures or a video. 😉

The above video is Floater performing “Ghost in the Making” off of their Stone by Stone CD. This live performance at the Rogue Theatre in Grants Pass, Oregon on May 29, 2009 features an extended jam beginning at about minute 5 in this video.

Floater in Grants Pass

floater grants pass oregon may 29, 2008

I experienced Floater for the second time on May 29, 2009 at the Rogue Theatre in Grants Pass, a little over an hour to the northwest of Ashland.

floater rogue theatre oregon

The first time I saw them was November of 2008 at the same venue.

floater grants pass oregon rogue theatre

Tomorrow I’ll have another photo from the show as well as a video taken on my LX3.