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Q: What’s the visibility like in Ashland?

Up in smoke

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A: Distance wise, it’s a little, but not much, more than one tennis court.

Compare the above (taken last week but pretty much like this everyday) to my “normal” view here.

Ashland sunshine and sakura

sakura cherry blossoms sun star blue sky

blossoms and a sun star

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The pink flowers in my front yard are several days gone now. These white ones in the backyard seem to have a longer life span, although many have fallen this week. I took this photo a week ago. As Ashland’s cherry blossom season ends, Japan’s is just beginning.

I rather like the sun stars my Nikkor 20mm f/1.8g AF-S lens produces at f/16.


sou churchill hall fall autumn

SOU’s Churchill Hall in autumn


Friday was the last day of this year to catch this scene. The leaves were falling fast and furiously (as you can see if you look really closely at today’s photo; those are leaves in the air, not birds), and the weekend was a windy one.

Sun peaking through on the valley

sun breaking through ashland oregon

The color of the trees when they first get their leaves in late April is somehow different than the color of the leaves in mid-summer.

Party panorama

ashland oregon panorama photomerge photoshop

Today’s photo is of about 250-300 degrees worth of landscape. This picture is a photomerge from this past Saturday at our school (SOU), year-end party. I took about 11 photos to make up this panorama. Unfortunately, I took them horizontally (and I should have taken them vertically to get in more sky/ground) which meant that in order to crop them into a proper, rectangular pic I’d have to crop out the sun. Instead I just left the photomerged version as is without a crop.

As this photo was taken from the south side of Ashland, you can’t see Mt. Ashland (the Siskiyous are in the way) or many of the other items you normally see in my panoramas taken from the east side of Ashland like the Ashland Springs Hotel, etc. You can see Pilot Rock to the left if you click on the photo for a much higher resolution version.