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Eight years ago today…

Have a seat

#autumn #leaves #japanesemaple

Today looks pretty much the same, except a dusting of snow is on top of the leaves.

Once upon a time…

Ashland sunrise

My random, desktop image of the day is from nearly six years ago.

Q: What’s the visibility like in Ashland?

Up in smoke

@NWFireScanner #smoke

A: Distance wise, it’s a little, but not much, more than one tennis court.

Compare the above (taken last week but pretty much like this everyday) to my “normal” view here.

Good morning

ashland sunrise

Ashland, Oregon sunrise



Snow kissed panorama

7-photo photomerge roof grizzly ashland panorama snow

7-photo photomerge panorama of Ashland, Oregon

Before heading down the hill to work last Monday morning I climbed out a window and up to the top of my roof to capture this image.

For the details, click on the image a time or two.

Pink snow

pink snow cherry plum tree blossoms

The blossoms are all gone now, but last week (during a shower) they looked like they do in today’s photo.

Ten years ago this tree looked like this.

Now the little girl that was under that tree in 2005 drives the blossom-covered car pictured under this same tree.

Merry Christmas

decorated christmas tree

No white Christmas this year. The current condition of today’s photo isn’t going to last for long.

I’m dreaming…

i'm dreaming of a white christmas snow trees ashland oregon

Snow covered house decorated for Christmas in Ashland, Oregon

… of a white Christmas …

Ashland’s Blue Hour

ashland oregon post-sunset tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 dusk photography nikon d7000

Took a little trip to Jacksonville this past Sunday and forgot my camera. The skies were amazing and downtown Jacksonville was deserted so it would have been fantastic for photography. Alas, by the time we returned home to Ashland the sun had set and the only hope of capturing the glory of the skies on that day was to leave the shutter open for longer than I can hold a camera still. So I headed up onto the roof and set my camera on the top of my chimney for four seconds to achieve this result.

Grizzly Peak is a bit obscured by the tree just to the left of center. I have another photo from a different vantage point on this evening of Grizzly Peak that I’ll post at a later date.