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Songer Butte ascent

songer butte trail emigrant lake

From Songer Butte Trail, looking back to Emigrant Lake (March 2024)

A short, but steep, hike near Ashland, Songer Butte is the kind of trail you do once for the views (from the top is even better).

Before the dawn

Before the dawn -- Mt. Shasta from Mt. Ashland

Lightning Storm

lightning strikes ashland oregon

Ashland had some exciting weather a few nights ago. This was the view out my window.

Horizontal curves

Looking northwest from the intersection of Terrace and Ashland Loop, today’s photo is a horizontal version of a scene I posted vertically a while back here.

Moss and clover in Stout Grove

Part of the beauty of Stout Grove is that if you tire (not likely) of looking at the enormous redwoods, you can always take in the lower scenery featuring ferns, clover, and moss aplenty.


yunoko 湯ノ湖 日光 

Looks like this photo was taken in Oregon, right? Actually, I took this pic a couple weeks ago in Japan (Nikko to be exact–湯ノ湖 is the name of the lake, and I got up for an early morning bike ride at 5 a.m. to get this view). A couple more weeks and I’ll be back taking fresh photos of Ashland. Until then you can see some of my recent Japanese adventures here.

Nevada rest stop

desert scene

I was cleaning off my laptop’s harddrive before selling it and found the above picture. I took this of Ellie and Ryan in the Nevada desert on our way to Utah in July of 2006. If I took this picture with my new camera with GPS I could tell you the exact location. We were on Highway 140/291 near the Oregon/Idaho/Nevada border. I don’t think there was another person around for 50 miles in any direction, maybe 100.

Mill Creek Falls

mill creek falls directions tips oregon Many people that go to Mill Creek Falls miss out on the other wonders in the area. The directions to the waterfall are well marked on Highway 62 and easy to get to from Medford or Crater Lake. My book said to get off at mile post 38. Mile post 38 is actually a few feet beyond the turnoff if you are coming from the Medford area. So either turn before mile post 38 onto Mill Creek Road or wait and get off at the junction (marked with a large sign that says “Mill Creek Falls ==>”) at about mile post 42. If you are going further down the road after your visit (like to Union Creek, the Rogue River Gorge, or Crater Lake) you can turn right out of the parking lot rather than backtrack.

Back to my first statement about what not to miss. After viewing Mill Creek Falls continue to walk another five minutes (to the right if you are viewing this scene). There you will find the even more spectacular Barr Creek Falls (photograph in my next blog entry). But the best place of all in this neck of the woods is “Avenue of Giant Boulders.” The “Avenue of Giant Boulders” is one of my favorite places on the planet.

Ashland from I-5

ashland oregon

Today’s picture was taken from the highway, window rolled down, going 65 MPH. The snow on Mt. Ashland is mostly gone now in mid-June, but there was still quite a bit when I took this on May 19. The Ashland Springs Hotel is the most visible and recognizable building. My house is among the trees beyond the hotel. A great place to live…

As always, maximize your browser and then click on the image for a much better and bigger view.

Sunny day on the soccer field

My daughter’s soccer team was getting beat pretty badly a couple Saturday’s ago. The weather was perfect though, and I started taking more pictures of the scenery than the game. This is from the lower soccer field at Ashland Middle School.

A different angle on the same field and same goal can be seen here.