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Mt. Ashland 5k, 2018 edition

Zombie Apocalypse

“Brains! Brains! I want, live brain! Brains! Brains!”

Second trip up Mt. Ashland on the day for this guy

mount ashland 5k

mount ashland 5k

This guy deserved Daddy Ramen after he ran the course twice!

mount ashland 5k growler king mobile beer truck rogue valley

Cold, outdoor beer on a cold, windy day — yes, please?

Winter morning

Winter morning

Grizzly Peak with snow above the fog

grizzly peak fog snow ashland oregon

Last week we were treated to a spectacular morning view. I headed out to the lower level of our roof to get this photo. I wanted to head up to the upper level for a better panorama of the sunrise with the fog filling the valley below, but the roof was covered in ice. I couldn’t move without falling so I had to settle for this.

Foggy morning

Fog in the Valley

Foggy night under a full moon

ashland foggy night under full moon

Ashland, Oregon engulfed in fog under a full moon

The Wood House

The Wood House, in Eagle Point, Oregon, turns 145 years old this year. I have never been inside. In fact, until a recent trip to hike near Crater Lake, I had never stopped even though it is right on the road. I paused for this photo because 1) I was by myself in the car for once and 2) the fog made the setting look extra good.

Another Ashland sunrise

We had a spectacular sunrise this morning. However, I was too lazy to get a shot of it. Today’s photo is from last Friday morning when the fog was still lingering over town and the sun was about to rise in the southeast.

Break in the clouds on a foggy winter morning in Ashland

foggy ashland sunrise oregon photo by al case ashland daily photo

Nothing but heat and sun these days in Ashland so today’s photo is from the archives, January of 2011 to be exact.

Fog in the valley below

ashland fog in the valley below

Ashland in the fog

I took today’s photo more for the hundreds of birds that were streaking across the sky than for the fog, but the photo didn’t look like it featured birds. Instead, it looked like I had small specs of dirt all over my lens so I photoshopped the specs out and left only the bird on the top of the tree in the bottom portion of the photo, two trees left of center.

Light fog through Ashland

ashland early november light fog

Ashland, Oregon

December is upon us so these colors no longer exist, but in early November this is what things looked like from my window.