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Full moon from Ashland

Cloud begins to pass in front of the moon

Full moon madness

full moon branches ashland oregon

Full moon through the trees (Ashland, Oregon – April 2020)

Full moon over Ashland

full moon ashland topaz ai denoise

Day after the eclipse

Full Moon

Last month’s eclipse in Ashland was a no go thanks to cloud cover. However, the moon looked lovely the next night when the skies were clearer.

Flashback Friday

Moonlight on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting

My random, desktop image of the day comes from three summers ago.

Full moon with Jupiter

jupiter and the full moon

Last week there was a full moon and Jupiter (the bright point below and to the left of the moon) was close to the moon. With a few wispy clouds buzzing across the sky it was all too much for me to resist so I headed out into the cold darkness for this photo.

Ashland’s spider house under a full moon

night photography nikon d7000 tokina 11-16mm f2.8 spider halloween house decorations siskiyou

I have shown you a photo of this house all decorated up for Halloween on the corner of Morton Street and Siskiyou Blvd before, but this is the first time after dark.

Full moon before the eclipse

full moon photo

I have always had problems photographing the moon. Even the fullest of moons are difficult to have, with details, in any photo of something else. Night photography frequently involves leaving the shutter open for a few seconds and then things get even worse. The moon ends up looking more like lens flare than the highlight of your photo.

A couple weeks back we had an eclipse. I didn’t stay up for it, even though the sky was clear, because it wasn’t scheduled to happen until 4 a.m. and by then I thought the moon may be behind a mountain if I tried to view it from home. Even if it wasn’t, it would have been on the non-window side of my house which meant I would have had to go outside in below freezing temperatures in order to get a peak. So, instead, I took this photo much earlier in the evening from inside my house.

Contrary to intuition, leaving your shutter open longer to photograph the moon is a bad idea. A fast shutter speed and low ISO are key to achieving any kind of detail. I shot this photo (which has been significantly cropped) at 200mm at f/2.8 with an exposure of just 1/2500 of a second.

Moon halo over Mt. Ashland

night photography astronomy

Lunar halo above Mt. Ashland, Oregon with Jupiter in the ring

EXIF data for this photo is:
Nikon D7000 camera body
Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 lens
15 seconds

What’s a werewolf to do?

Had a nice full moon the other night. The clouds helped to make things more interesting than a simple full moon though.