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Mt. Shasta and Pilot Rock from Grizzly Peak

mt shasta pilot rock from grizzly peak-DeNoiseAI-clear

Mt. Shasta and Pilot Rrock from Grizzly Peak (July 2022)

Six years ago today…

Descending Pilot Rock

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pilot Rock

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pilot Rock, with just a touch of the Milky Way from Ashland, Oregon


Ashland dusk

Throwing it back almost nine years for today’s photo.

Tashi Choling Buddhist Center and Pilot Rock

Tashi Choling Buddhist Center

Happy birthday, Ryan!

Ryan descending Pilot Rock

Pilot Rock

pilot rock

Pilot Rock from Ashland, Oregon (April 2011)


Happy birthday, Carson Hockley!

Clouds blowing by Pilot Rock

Moving clouds

The wind was whipping through Ashland when I took this photo about 10 days ago from a friend’s house. Pilot Rock was playing peek-a-boo as the clouds quickly moved by. I had to wait a few seconds for Pilot Rock to be this visible.

Hobart Bluff on Thanksgiving

Pilot Rock from Hobart Bluff

We traditionally take a walk on the White Rabbit Trail in the Ashland watershed on Thanksgiving. However, our walking partner was out of the country yesterday so we opted for Hobart Bluff instead. The trail, itself, wasn’t in great shape as it was muddy or slick with snow or ice, but the view at the end was worth it.