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4 days to go so 4 new photos

sou football michael roots

Michael Roots

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sou football defense

sou football matt boudreaux

Matt Boudreaux

sou football Josiah Maglente-Tonu

Josiah Maglente-Tonu with the pick six


Beating the coverage

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11 a.m. (PDT) start time for today’s romp in Havre, Montana. Oaktree will probably have the game on.

2017 football senior day (part 1)

sou football senior day josh cline

Josh Cline

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sou football senior day dane skriloff

Dane Skriloff

sou football senior day matt boudreaux

Matt Boudreaux

sou football senior day christmas aumua

Christmas Aumua

sou football senior day zay taylor

Zay Taylor

Raiders up to #8, with little hope of much more regular-season advancement

sou football matt boudreaux

Matt Boudreaux

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As expected SOU rose to #8 in today’s coaches’ poll. A team must get into the top two to be guaranteed home field throughout the playoffs. Top four gets you home field through at least the quarterfinals. The Raiders have virtually no chance of making the coaches’ top four. “What?!?!” you say. How can this be with five games remaining, including #5 Montana Tech on the road?

This is another reason why the coaches’ poll should not be used as the basis for figuring out who goes to the playoffs and where those games happen. Five of the teams in front of the Raiders have no more difficult games remaining on their schedules (Morningside, Lindsey Wilson, and Reinhardt never had a decent opponent to begin with). They aren’t going to drop in the coaches’ poll without a loss (i.e. unless a major upset occurs).

Massey gives St. Francis better than 90% odds to win each of their final five games, has Reinhardt at over 98%, Morningside at over 87%, Baker at over 89%, and Lindsey Wilson at over 76%. Grand View, too, is favored to win the rest of their games. Even if the Raiders win out, and Lindsey Wilson and Grand View are upset, the Raiders will likely find themselves undefeated but with a #5 ranking. (If the Raiders win out, Massey will certainly have the Raiders in the top three).

Like 2014 and 2015, the Raiders will only receive one home game in the playoffs in a best case scenario. Should the Raiders lose one game, even if it is to #5 (Massey’s #3) Montana Tech on the road, they probably won’t get any home games in the playoffs.

Raiders back to #5 on Massey, should be #8 with coaches

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5-0 Southern Oregon slid one spot on Massey to #5 after yesterday’s narrow victory over Rocky. Massey had the Raiders as 11-point favorites. Rocky moved up to #12 on Massey, but the biased coaches will keep them out of the top 25.

Marian lost, for the second time this year, so the coaches will drop them (even though they lost to the #1 team), and the Raiders will move up in tomorrow’s coaches’ poll to #8.

SOU has a bye this coming weekend and will travel to Eastern Oregon on October 14. Massey has the Raiders as 4-point favorites in that one.

Free Football Friday

Beating the coverage

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