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Happy birthday, Cory Foster!

sou football cory foster

#62 Cory Foster

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Happy birthday, Marcus Montano!


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2018 SOU football senior day (part 1)

sou football masi tunoa john jackson jr

Masi Tunoa and John Jackson Jr.

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sou football ricky teo

Ricky Te’o


Josiah Maglente-Tonu

sou football sean rogers

Sean Rogers

sou football marcus montano

Marcus Montano

sou football tyler dean

Tyler Dean

sou football rey vega

Rey Vega

Happy birthday, Craig Contreras!

Josiah Maglente-Tonu sou football craig contreras

#10 Craig Contreras

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2 days to go so 2 new photos

sou football isiah carter masi josiah maglente-tonu

Josiah Maglente-Tonu hits Hayden Gibson as he releases the ball which…

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With just two days left, I thought I’d go with a two-shot sequence today.

sou football aj cooper interception

…ended up in the hands of AJ Cooper for an interception

4 days to go so 4 new photos

sou football michael roots

Michael Roots

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sou football defense

sou football matt boudreaux

Matt Boudreaux

sou football Josiah Maglente-Tonu

Josiah Maglente-Tonu with the pick six

9-0 for the first time ever

sou football josiah maglente-tonu

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Details here.

Don’t get too excited about Baker losing today as Grand View and Lindsey Wilson both won. Massey never had Baker in the top four; the coaches should drop Baker (and hopefully Grand View) below the Raiders. Still, even with a win over Montana Tech next weekend, the Raiders aren’t a lock for two home games in the playoffs.