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Happy birthday, AJ Cooper!

sou football oshay dunmore aj cooper

Oshay Dunmore and AJ Cooper

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Happy birthday, Thomas Giddens!

sou football thomas giddens Julius Rucker Oshay Dunmore Isaiah Carter matt retzlaff

#98 Thomas Giddens

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Happy birthday, Oshay Dunmore!

Oshay Dunmore sou football

Oshay Dunmore

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2 days to go so 2 new photos

sou football isiah carter masi josiah maglente-tonu

Josiah Maglente-Tonu hits Hayden Gibson as he releases the ball which…

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With just two days left, I thought I’d go with a two-shot sequence today.

sou football aj cooper interception

…ended up in the hands of AJ Cooper for an interception

1 more day

sou football oshay dunmore

Oshay Dunmore

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Massey disagrees with the coaches on two of the games.

2017 football senior day (part 2)

sou football senior day dom zay josh cline christmas aumua

Dom Giampaoli, Zay Taylor, Josh Cline, and Christmas Aumua

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sou football senior day oshay dunmore

Oshay Dunmore

sou football senior day gauger gonzalez beagle

Armando Gauger’s parents with Mike Beagle

sou football senior day sam woods

Sam Woods

sou football senior day lawrence beagle

Keegan Lawrence’s parents with Mike Beagle

4 and 7 again

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For the first time, in 70 years, the SOU football team is 7-0. However, in the rankings, nothing is new. Massey still has the Raiders as #4, and the coaches will still have Southern Oregon as #7 when their poll comes out tomorrow.

The teams, ahead of the Raiders in the rankings, all have easy opponents this coming weekend. (What else is new?) SOU hosts Massey’s #12, Montana Western, on Saturday. The Raiders are 11-point favorites according to Massey.

9 more days…

sou football oshay dunmore

#9 Oshay Dunmore hits Brett Buchmann, ultimately forcing a fumble that resulted in a touchback call

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Today’s photo features an odd play in the Morningside game. The ruling had the potential to cost the Raiders the game, but things worked out for SOU in such a way that the call didn’t ultimately matter. BTW, I have a series of five photos that clearly show that #1, Buchmann did catch the ball and #2, he did fumble the ball on the 13-yard line. After that the official scorer became as confused as the refs. Here is how the scorer called the play:

“GIDDENS, Thomas punt 49 yards to the MC18, Dvorak, Weslee return 0 yards to the MC18, fumble forced by JONES, Karringt, fumble by Dvorak, Weslee recovered by MC James, Taylor at MC0, touchback.”

The scorer got the players wrong. It was Buchmann and Dunmore, not Dvorak and Jones. The ball was not recovered by James. The ball went through the back of the end zone after both teams touched it.

Did the refs get the call correct? I still don’t know. I went through the official rule book and could not find an example of a punt being fumbled and then going through the end zone unrecovered. I did find a line that says “When in question, it is a touchback, not a safety.” so I guess one could say the refs were correct based on that.

But this ruling seems unfair given what transpired. It also leaves open the possibility of plays that could “game” the rule book. For instance, a punt returner who catches the ball on the 1-yard line and then sees that he can’t make it to the 20 could just fumble the ball out the back of the end zone to indirectly forward the ball 19 yards via a touchback. Is that fair? I don’t think so.


sou football isiah carter oshay dunmore sean rogers gannon schroder grant torgerson

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Game time is 10 a.m. PST. If you are in Ashland, head to RedZone, Northwest Pizza, or Oak Tree to watch the game.

Here is a preview, live stream, and live stats for the game.


@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @giddentn sou football thomas giddens Julius Rucker Oshay Dunmore Isaiah Carter matt retzlaff

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @giddentn

Noon kickoff in Ashland.