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Happy birthday, Mike Beagle!

sou football touchdown beagle topaz denoise ai-standard

Mike Beagle (AKA the unofficial official)

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Notre Dame has Touchdown Jesus. SOU has Touchdown Beagle.

Happy birthday, Mike Beagle!

4th july ashland parade mike beagle


Homecoming parade day

sou homecoming parade alumni beagle heiken

@SOUAshland @MBeagle47

The Southern Oregon University homecoming parade begins at Lithia Park at 4 p.m. Participants will head to Raider Stadium via Siskiyou Boulevard.

Cold morning on Grizzly Peak

Snow on Grizzly Peak


2017 football senior day (part 4)

sou football senior day caden johnson

Caden Johnson

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @CarterTheGr8_ @MBeagle47 @k_law21 ‏

sou football senior day beagle dom

Giampaoli family and Mike Beagle

sou football senior day keegan lawrence

Keegan Lawrence

sou football senior day isiah carter

Isiah Carter

2017 football senior day (part 3)

sou football senior day tanner trosin

Tanner Trosin

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @MBeagle47

sou football sam woods family mike beagle

Sam Woods family with Mike Beagle

3-photo photomerge seniors sou football

2017 football seniors and their families

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sou football armando gauger

Armando Gauger

2017 football senior day (part 2)

sou football senior day dom zay josh cline christmas aumua

Dom Giampaoli, Zay Taylor, Josh Cline, and Christmas Aumua

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Caumua_52 @MBeagle47 @k_law21 ‏

sou football senior day oshay dunmore

Oshay Dunmore

sou football senior day gauger gonzalez beagle

Armando Gauger’s parents with Mike Beagle

sou football senior day sam woods

Sam Woods

sou football senior day lawrence beagle

Keegan Lawrence’s parents with Mike Beagle