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Maned Wolf

maned wolf wildlife safari winston roseburg topaz denoise ai-denoise

Maned wolves @ Wildlife Safari (Winston, Oregon)


What looks like a fox and is called a wolf but isn’t either of those creatures? That would be the maned wolf, a species you probably haven’t seen before unless you are from parts of South America.

Wildlife Safari revisited


Gibbon @ Wildlife Safari (Winston, Oregon)

gibbon wildlife safari winston oregon howler monkey

photo taken in March of 2011 @ Wildlife Safari

Brown bear

brown bear wildlife safari winston oregon

Brown Bear @ Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon

Today’s photo is from the archives. I took this picture almost a year ago through my rolled down window in the car on our way back from the coast when we drove through the safari in Winston where I-5 meets the highway to the beach.


nikon 18-200 d7000 wildlife photography emu Dromaius novaehollandiae

Moments after taking today’s photograph at the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon (about 2 hours north of Ashland on I-5), this emu seemed to think that our Prius was his mate. We couldn’t really move for a while (until he finished his business) without running him over.

Winston’s ring-tailed lemur

winston lemur

Wildlife Safari

winston wildlife safari camel yak oregon

On our way back to Ashland from Bandon, Ellie and Ryan saw a sign for the Wildlife Safari. Yes, Oregon has a safari. They wanted to go. We told them they had already been, but they had no memory of it as it had been probably 8 or 9 years. So, since we had nothing else planned for the day and the weather was great, we pulled in.

Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon was funner than expected. It was more expensive than expected too at almost $20 a person. With little kids it isn’t nearly as fun as with teenagers. Who would have thought?

Ryan drove, and I took photos through my open, passenger seat window. Shortly after taking this photo, this camel stuck his head inside the car through my window. That was a little bit scary and quite stinky.

P.S. That’s a yak in the mirror.