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Wet Wednesday


Central Hall more than 10 years ago

Central Hall (May 2011 – Ashland, Oregon)

View from East Main Street

ashland clouds path east main

June 2011

Maned Wolf

maned wolf wildlife safari winston roseburg topaz denoise ai-denoise

Maned wolves @ Wildlife Safari (Winston, Oregon)


What looks like a fox and is called a wolf but isn’t either of those creatures? That would be the maned wolf, a species you probably haven’t seen before unless you are from parts of South America.

Wildlife Safari revisited


Sunset from Mt. Ashland

Ashland landscape

Ashland, Oregon (April 2011)

Rogue Valley Growers & Crafters Market — Downtown Ashland

Wax, orange skulls (October 2011)

Throwback Thursday

Brandi Carlile @ 2011 Britt Festival (Jacksonville, Oregon)

@brittfestivals @brandicarlile

Back before she won a bunch of Grammys and had three albums go to #1, Brandi played several times at Britt. The first time was in 2007. We bought her first album at that show. Today’s photo is from time number three (I think) at Britt in 2011.

Ashland Springs Hotel

ashland springs hotel april 2011

Ashland Springs Hotel (April 2011)