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10 years ago today…

Bike path near Bridal Veil Falls on the Columbia River Gorge

Wet Tuesday

Toadstool and welcome mat

Today’s photo is of the wrong place (Portland) and time (autumn), but it kind of reminds me of today’s rainy day mood in Ashland.


Marquee at Portland's Crystal Ballroom listing The Pink Floyd Experience

Marquee at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom listing The Pink Floyd Experience

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing The Pink Floyd Experience while visiting Portland. They still have a couple more shows left on this tour. If you live near Bremerton, Washington (3/29/14) or Vancover, BC (3/30/14) you don’t want to miss them.

pink floyd experience

The Pink Floyd Experience @ Portland’s Crystal Ballroom (3/27/14)

pink floyd experience Tom Quinn

Tom Quinn

pink floyd experience

21st Century concert experience

pink floyd experience Jesse Molloy

Jesse Molloy

pink floyd experience Randy McStine

Randy McStine

The pink floyd experience pfe pfx

Happy Thanksgiving!

Portland Farmers Market PSU Saturday carrots portland state university

Carrots @ Portland Saturday Farmer’s Market @ PSU

Today’s photo is from last Saturday morning. Portland was experiencing some relatively rare sun, and it was hitting these carrots just so. I couldn’t resist a pic.

Sarcalogos @ Hawthorne Theatre

hawthorne theatre marquee fintroll

Hawthorne Theatre (Portland, Oregon) marquee

Opening for Finntroll this past Friday night in Portland’s Hawthorne Theatre was Sarcalogos.

sarcalogos hawthorne theatre portland oregon

sarcalogos dave phillips hawthorned theater b&w

Sarcalogos skylar occisor hawthorne theatre


Blackguard, Metsatöll, and Ritual Healing were also on the bill on this evening.

Portland, Oregon from the air

downtown portland oregon aerial photography

I’m traveling at the moment (in California to see Iron Maiden tonight and catch an A’s game tomorrow) so I’m leaving you with a traveling photo. Today’s pic is an aerial view of Portland. The bridges, from left to right, are the Marquam Bridge (I-5), the Hawthorne Bridge, and the Morrison Bridge.

Rogue Brewery

rogue ales ashland oregon

Rogue Ales (aka Rogue Brewery) began in Ashland back in the 1980s. They are now located in Newport, Oregon (nowhere near the Rogue Valley or the Rogue River), but they have kept the name. Today’s photo is from their location in the Portland Airport (Rogue Ales at the Portland Airport (PDX)).

Pine Street

autumn in portland

Autumn in Portland, Oregon

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

We didn’t end our bike ride at Mutnomah Falls, but our week of photos is over so I better get the most famous part of this ride in. Above is the “classic view” of the double-tiered falls, complete with the bridge you can walk on between them.

Multnomah Falls

Upper Multnomah Falls from the Benson Footbridge

Multnomah Falls

Looking down Multnomah Falls from the bridge at the lower falls and pool below

Columbia River Gorge bike ride week

view from crown point vista house

In late October we went to Portland for a couple nights. On the only whole day we had in Portland we took a Pedal Bike Tours bike ride called “Columbia River Gorge Tour” (mostly) down the Historic Columbia River Highway. While I took a few hundred photos along the way, I will spare you all but seven of those pictures over the coming week.

Our first stop on the tour was the Portland Women’s Forum, a state scenic viewpoint. However, today’s photo is from our second stop, the Crown Point Vista House.